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Public Lecture Prof. Neal Ashkanasy – “Managing Emotions in the Workplace: An Essential Challenge for Managers”

Prof. Neal Ashkanasy
Prof. Neal Ashkanasy

MM held a Public Lecture on the topic "Managing Emotions in the Workplace: An Essential Challenge for Managers" presented by Prof. Neal Ashkanasy, Professor of Management, University of Queensland in M1603, Li Ka Shing Tower.


Emotions in workplace settings, and especially emotional intelligence, are 'hot' topics in management today. Leading business journals, such as Fortune and Harvard Business Review, regularly feature articles on emotional intelligence.

But there is more to emotions in the workplace than just emotional intelligence. In this talk, Prof. Ashkanasy will introduce some intriguing new research that examines both emotional intelligence and the broader issue of emotion, which has been shown to play a powerful role in workplace settings, and has a strong potential for practical application in organizations within many broad human resource functions such as selection, performance management, and training, as well as implications for more narrow domains like customer service. He will emphasize in particular how the study of emotions in organizational settings has provided new and important insights into the way in which people in organizations behave, and will off­er and advice for managers to enable them to develop and to maintain a positive emotional climate in their organizations.