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Public Lecture by Prof. Sabine SONNENTAG – “Conducting daily-survey studies”

Prof. Sabine SONNENTAG
Prof. Sabine SONNENTAG

MM held a Public Lecture on the topic "Conducting daily-survey studies" presented by Prof. Sabine Sonnentag, Professor for Work & Organizational Psychology, University of Mannheim, 25 January 2018 in M1603, Li Ka Shing Tower.


Quantitative diary methods and similar approaches (e.g., experience-sampling methods) receive increasing attention within management research. In essence, diary methods allow for "capturing life as it is lived" (Bolger, Davis, Rafaeli, 2003, p. 579) and thereby they overcome retrospective bias and other limitations of other survey methods. Importantly, multiple assessments allow for modeling changes in affect, attitude, and behavior over time.

In this 3-hour workshop, I will provide an overview of research questions to be addressed with quantitative diary methods, study designs as well as approaches to data collection and data analysis. No prior experience with quantitative diary methods is required.