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Public Lecture by Prof. C. Nathan DEWALL– “The Pain of Rejection: Breaking and Restoring Social Bonds”

Prof. C. Nathan DEWALL
Prof. C. Nathan DEWALL

MM held a Public Lecture on the topic "The Pain of Rejection: Breaking and Restoring Social Bonds" presented by Prof. C. Nathan DeWall, Professor of Psychology and Director of the Social Psychology Lab, University of Kentucky & Visiting Chair Professor in Department of Management and Marketing, PolyU on 23 May 2018 in M1603, Li Ka Shing Tower.


Most people crave social acceptance. Like a sweet snack, social acceptance is pleasant, rewarding, and, in moderate amounts, associated with good health. Social rejection thwarts the fundamental need for positive and lasting relationships, which strikes at the core of well-being. The current talk presents a program of research on the power of social rejection in shaping cognition, emotion, and behavior. The first section demonstrates how social rejection influences a variety of inner responses, including self-regulation. The second section discusses how responses to social rejection share common overlap with physical pain processes. The final section illustrates how people cope with social rejection. I conclude by addressing how social exclusion affects cognition, emotion and behavior within consumer and organizational contexts.