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Professional Mentorship Programme

A mutually beneficial partnership designed to bring fulfilment to mentors (alumni & friends of PolyU) and mentees (undergraduates)

  • Support
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Encouragement
  • Nature
  • Guidance
  • Truthfulness 

What are the objectives?

Launched by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), this Mentorship Programme aims at establishing a caring and supportive relationship between PolyU alumni, friends of PolyU (mentors) and undergraduates (mentees) to achieve the following objectives:

  • To facilitate the educational, social and personal growth of mentees
  • To develop mentees fullest potential, vision and aspirations for the future
  • To enhance mentees future professional and career development
  • To help groom mentees to become preferred graduates
  • To empower mentees to face challenges in society

How does the mentorship programme work?

The mentor and the mentee would agree on the level of commitment, mode and frequency of interaction, as well as the preferred focus through the mentorship process.

Each mentor is encouraged to take on more than one mentee during the same period.  Regular contact, by organizing individual or group meetings with mentees a few times during the year, should be scheduled so that mentees can obtain advice and guidance from mentors on topics of diverse interest.

Various communication methods may be used, such as:

  • Regular contacts via telephone, email, etc.
  • Regular meetings
  • Campus visits conducted by mentees
  • Workplace visits orientated by mentors
  • Leisure and social activities

These will vary according to particular needs.

What are the roles of mentors?

Mentors will serve as advisor, coaches and counsellors by sharing experience with mentees on social and communication techniques, leadership and management skills and advising mentees on issues related to their academic and personal growth and development.

Undergraduates can gain valuable knowledge from mentors so that they can learn to appreciate wider aspects of experience outside the classroom.

How do mentors benefit?

Mentors contribute to society by aiding in the development of PolyU undergraduates.

The scheme also provides an excellent opportunity for mentors to identify and recruit talented and promising graduates.  By helping the University, alumni have the opportunity to support their Alma Master in fulfilling its mission to produce “preferred graduates” as well as a new breed of young professionals for the community at large.

Mentors not only gain professional satisfaction, but also public recognition.  The University will acknowledge mentors for their contribution and dedication.

Who can be mentors?

All PolyU alumni and friends, professionals, potential employers of our students and social dignitaries are invited to participate.

A mentor is suggested to take on average 2 mentees at second or third year bachelor level.

How can one be a mentor?

The departmental mentorship liaison officer will invite alumni or industrial practitioners to become mentors before Semester 1 commences.  Individual mentor will not choose their particular mentees but can indicate preference, if any. The departmental mentorship liaison officer will be responsible for the mentor-mentee matching. Mentor-mentee re-matching is available on a case-by-case basis.

Enrolment for 2017/18 academic year is closed. If you wish to serve as a mentor, you are most welcome to contact the following academic colleague in the Department to understand more about STRENGTH - our mentorship programme:

Dr Yuen Wai Ken WONG
Department of Management & Marketing
Tel: 2766 7366

Who can be mentees?

All second or third Year Bachelor degree MM students are eligible to be our mentees.

How can one be a mentee?

Interested students will apply to this program through the department Office, Department of Management and Marketing.

Mentees do not choose their mentor, but they can indicate areas of preference, if any. The departmental mentorship liaison officer will be responsible for the mentor-mentee matching. Mentor-mentee re-matching is available on a case-by-case basis. The department reserves the right to take a mentee off the program (temporarily or permanently) should undesirable behavior be reported and confirmed, e.g. repeated ignoring the mentor without proper notice/reason.


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PMP Lunar New Year Gathering (16 February 2016)


PMP Opening (7 November 2014)

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PMP Opening (27 September 2013)

If you have any enquiry regarding the Professional Mentorship Programme, you are welcome to contact us as follows:

PMP Coordinator

Dr. Yuen Wai Ken WONG
Tel: 2766 7366

General Enquiry