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Work-Integrated Education

Work-Integrated Education (WIE) is “work-based learning experiences which take place in an organizational context relevant to a student’s future profession, or the development of generic skills that will be valuable in that profession.” This programme allows students to learn in the real-world yet at the same time contribute tangibly to the industry and community.

WIE is a compulsory component of the undergraduate programmes at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Faculty of Business. Students are required to complete 300 hours (admitted before 2017/2018) or 100 hours (admitted in or after 2017/2018) to be eligible for graduation.

WIE programme is part of the student’s curriculum and a required component for their graduation eligibility. Workplace supervisors play a pivotal role in mentoring, training and development our students. While we do not encourage “hand-holding”, we do request supervisors to:

  • Monitor student progress and give constructive feedback to students to help them learn
  • Appraise student performance at the end of the internship period
  • Provide a reference letter/ certificate for students who demonstrate good performance
  • Keep the Faculty be updated on the student’s progress


Types of Internship

WIE placement can occur locally in Hong Kong, in Mainland China or internationally. 

Local Internship

  • Full-Time – Summer Term (late May through late August)
  • Part-Time – Anytime throughout the year from September to August except students’ examination periods in December and May; approximately 1-2 full days per week

International Internship

  • Full-Time – Summer Term (late May through late August)


Compensation / MPF / Insurance

Compensation and Minimum Wage Ordinance

The provision of compensation and/or benefits is at discretion of employers. We do encourage employers to provide students and allowance for meals and transport. Please note that statutory minimum wage does not apply to student interns as well as work experience students during a period of exempt student employment. For more details, please refer to the Notes for Student Employees and Employers from the Labour Department’s webpage at


Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF)

If there is an employment relationship between the student and the offering organization for a continuous period of not less than 60 days, the offering organization is required to enrol the student into an MPF scheme. (



The University has in place a Group Personal Accident insurance policy covering students taking on placements locally or offshore, except all PRC citizens who reside & work in China will not be covered within the territory of China.

For students taking on offshore placements, they are required to take out for themselves additional travel insurance for travel and medical protection.


Points to Note

Nomination and Selection of Student Interns

  1. Organizations complete the FB WIE Partner Organization Registration Form, then send the form together with a copy of the Business Registration to
  2. The Department will disseminate the job post to the students via email to collect their CVs.
  3. After the application deadline, organizations may invite the potential candidates for an interview upon receipt of the CVs.


Student Intern Performance Evaluations

Participating organization will have to complete and return a performance evaluation (employer feedback form) for each student intern. This employer evaluation will form part of the basis for the WIE assessment for the student. A sample of the employer evaluation form can be obtained from the Department on request.


Download Area

For students admitted before 2017/2018, they are required to complete at least 300 hours of placements in one or more organizations OR through one or more eligible WIE activities. 

For students admitted in or after 2017/2018, they are required to complete at least 100 hours of placements in one or more organizations OR through one or more eligible WIE activities.


FB WIE Online System

FB WIE Online System is designed specifically for FB students to manage WIE matters and career related activities on the Internet. Phase I of the system is launched for all BBA students in September 2009.

For details, please visit FB WIE Website.


WIE Procedures

Details are available at


WIE Forms

Form No.

Types of Forms


Student Application for self-sourced/ department-sourced placements


Student Trainee Evaluation / Employer Feedback Form


Credit Transfer (For senior students admitted before 2017/2018 only)


Student Leadership Activity Application


Letter of Consent for WIE


Confirmation of “Student Intern” Status under the Minimum Wage Ordinance

*Please be reminded to inform your supervisor about the WIE programme and the need for them to complete the Employer Feedback Form upon receipt of the internship offer.



Please submit your WIE forms to MM General Office (M801).

WIE Coordinator

Dr. Tak Ming Eric LAM
Tel: 2766 4059


WIE Coordinator

Dr. Yuen Wai Ken WONG
Tel: 2766 7366

WIE Office Location

M801, Li, Ka Shing Tower 
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 
Hung Hom, Kowloon 
Hong Kong