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Prof. Nicolai J. FOSS
  • Visiting Chair Professor
Professor of Strategy
Department of Strategy and Innovation
Copenhagen Business School
Copenhagen Business School

Nicolai J Foss is a strategy scholar with diverse interests that extend to organization theory, entrepreneurship, and HR. However, a substantial fraction of his research is about understanding the role of individual-level factors and organizational design in shaping firm level outcomes (performance, innovation, firm-level entrepreneurship). In particular, Foss has pushed “microfoundations” lens in strategy research which insists that aggregate (typically, firm-level) phenomena and concepts be understood in terms of lower level component, and that all macro-macro relations are mediated by micro factors. One of the attractions of the microfoundations theme in management research is that it has the potential to build bridges between micro and macro perspectives—a classical challenge in most generalist management departments. Foss is very eager to help promote the research agenda at Department of Management & Marketing and to collaborate on concrete research projects. As such he is ready to chat and collaborate!