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Management Publications

Date Contents Authors
forthcoming Enjoy your evening, be proactive tomorrow: How off-job experiences shape daily proactivity, Journal of Applied Psychology. Ouyang, K., Cheng, B. H., Lam, W., & Parker, S.
forthcoming Doing good, feeling good? The roles of helping motivation and citizenship pressure. Journal of Applied Psychology. Lin, K. J., Savani, K., & Ilies, R.
forthcoming Reciprocal relationships between dispositional optimism and work experiences: A five-wave longitudinal investigation. Journal of Applied Psychology Li, W.-D., Li, S., Fay, D., & Frese, M.
2019 Give and take: An episodic perspective on leader-member exchange. Journal of Applied Psychology, 104(1), 34-51. Liao, Z., LIU, W., Li, X., & Song, Z
2018 Increased non-family ownership in family-owned firms: How does it affect CEO turnover-performance sensitivity?. Strategic Management Journal, 39(13), 3434-3457. Li, Shuping.
2018 Political Commitment, Policy Ambiguity, and Corporate Environmental Practices. Policy Studies Journal, 46(1), 190-214. Ning Liu., Shui‐Yan Tang., Xueyong Zhan.., Carlos Wing‐Hung Lo
2018 Does proactive personality matter in leadership transitions? Effects of proactive personality on new leader identification and responses to new leaders and their change agendas. Academy of Management Journal, 61 (1), 245-263. Lam, W., Lee, C., Taylor, S. M., & Zhao, H. H.
2018 Nonlinear consequences of promotive and prohibitive voice for managers’ responses: The roles of voice frequency and LMX. Journal of Applied Psychology, 103(10), 1101-1120. Huang, X., Xu, E., Huang, L., & LIU, W.
2018 Cleansing my Abuse: A Reparative Response Model of Perpetrating Abusive Supervisor Behavior. Journal of Applied Psychology, 103(9), 1039-1056. Liao, Z., Yam, K., Johnson, R., LIU, W. , & Song, Z.
2018 Engaging in creative work: The influences of personal value, autonomy at work, and national socialization for self-directedness in 50 nations. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 49(2), 239-260. Chiu, C. K., Lun, V. M.-C., & Bond, M. H.
2018 Understanding the dark and bright sides of anxiety: A theory of workplace anxiety. Journal of Applied Psychology, 103(5), 537-560. Cheng, B. H. , & McCarthy, J. M.
2018 Who is fit to serve? Person-job/organization fit, emotional labor, and customer service performance, Human Resource Management. 57(2), 483-497. LAM, W. , HUO, Y., & CHEN, Z.
2018 Reaching the Limits of Reciprocity in Favor Exchange: The Effects of Generous, Stingy, and Matched Favor Giving on Social Status. Journal of Applied Psychology,103(6), 614-630. Ouyang, K., Xu, E., Huang, X., Liu, W. , & Tang, Y.P.
2017 Beyond dominance and competence: A moral virtue theory of status attainment, Personality and Social Psychology Review, 21(3), 203-227. BAI Feng
2017 Language and Competition: Communication Vagueness, Interpretation Difficulty, and Market Entry, Academy of Management Journal.60(6), 2073-2098. GUO W. , YU T., & GIMENO J.
2017 The Advantage of Being Oneself: The Role of Applicant Self-Verification in Organizational Hiring Decisions, Journal of Applied Psychology, 102(11), 1493-1513. Moore, C., Lee, SY., Kim, K. , Cable, DM.
2017 Organisational Visibility, Stakeholder Environmental Pressure and Corporate Environmental Responsiveness in China. Business Strategy and the Environment, 26(3), 371-384. Yu, J., Lo, C., & Li, P.
2017 The Face of the Firm: The Influence of CEOs on Corporate Reputation. Academy of Management Journal, 60(4), 1462–1481. Love, E., Lim, J. , & Bednar, M.
2017 Is it Better to Give or Receive? The Role of Help in Buffering the Depleting Effects of Surface Acting". Academy of Management Journal, 60(4),1442-1461. Uy, M., Lin, K. J. , & Ilies, R.
2017 Why and When Leader’s Affective States Influence Employee Upward Voice. Academy of Management Journal, 60(1), 238-263. Liu, W. , Song, Z., Li, X., & Liao, Z.
2017 Embedded Government Control and Nonprofit Revenue Growth. Public Administration Review, 77(6), 959. Ni, N. & Zhan, X.
2016 Embedded Government Control and Nonprofit Revenue Growth. Public Administration Review, 77(6), 959. Lu, Q., Huang X., & Bond, M. H.
2016 A life to celebrate and strive to emulate. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 47(2), 172-174. Bond. M.H.
2016 Get Up, Stand Up, Stand Up for Your Rights!” The Jamaicanization of Youth Across 11 Countries Through Reggae Music? Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 47(4), 581-604. Ferguson, G.M., Boer, D., Fischer, R., Hanke, K., Ferreira, M.C., Gouveia, V.V., Tekman, H.G., Chang, A., Pilati, R., Bond, M.H. , Adams, B.G., de Garay Hernández, J., González Atilano, M.L., Moreno García, L.I., Clobert, M., Prade, C., Saroglou, V. & Zenger, M.
2016 Are anxious workers less productive workers? It depends on the quality of social exchange. Journal of Applied Psychology, 101(2), 279-291. McCarthy, J. M., Trougakos, J. P., & Cheng, B. H.
2016 Not even the past: The joint influence of leaders in the midst of organizational change. Journal of Applied Psychology, 101(12), 1730-1738. Zhao, H. H., Seibert, S. E., Lee, C., Taylor, S. M., & Lam, W.
2016 How to Dissolve Fixed-Pie Bias in Negotiation? Social Antecedents and the Mediating Effect of Mental-Model Adjustment. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 37(1), 85-107. Liu, W. , Liu, L., & Zhang, J.
2016 Stakeholder demands and corporate environmental coping strategies in China. Journal of Environmental Management, 165, 140-149. Liu, N., Tang, S. Y., Lo, C. W. H., & Zhan, X.
2016 Understanding the Implications of Government Ties for Nonprofit Operations and Functions. Public Administration Review, 76(4), 589-600. Zhan, X. , & Tang, S. Y.
2015 Understanding the Implications of Government Ties for Nonprofit Operations and Functions. Public Administration Review, 76(4), 589-600. Jing, Y. & Bond, M. H.
2015 Genetic polymorphisms predict national differences in life history strategy and time orientation. Personality and Individual Differences, 76, 204-215. Minkov, M., & Bond, M.H.
2015 Improving research in the emerging field of cross-cultural sociogenetics: The case of serotonin. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 46(3), 336-354. Minkov, M., Blagoev, V., & Bond, M.H.
2015 Perceived support and relational conflict as mediators linking attachment orientations with depressive symptoms: A comparison of dating individuals from Hong Kong and the United States. Personality and Individual Differences,73, 50-55. You, J., Huang, J. L., Ho, M. Y., Leung, H., Li, C., & Bond, M. H.
2015 Differences in career decision-making profiles between American and Chinese university students: The relative strength of mediating mechanisms across cultures. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 46(6), 856-872. Guan, Y., Chen, S. X., Levin, N., Bond. M.H. , Lou, N., Xu, J., Zhou, X., Chen, P., Li, C., Fu, R., Zhang, J., Ji, Y., Mo, Z., Li, Y., Fang, Z., Jiang, D., & Han, X.
2015 Too drained to help: A resource depletion perspective on daily interpersonal citizenship behaviours. Journal of Applied Psychology, 100(1), 227-236. Trougakos, J. P., Beal, D. J., Cheng, B. H. , Hideg, I., & Zweig, D.
2015 The threshold effect of participative leadership and the role of leader information sharing. Academy of Management Journal, 58(3), 836-855. Lam, C., Huang, X., & Chan, S. C. H.
2015 How and When Peers' Positive Mood Influences Employees' Voice. Journal of Applied Psychology, 100(3), 976-989. Liu, W. , Tangirala, S., Lam, W. , Chen, Z., Jia, R., & Huang, X.
2015 Enterprise-Level Motivations, Regulatory Pressures, and Corporate Environmental Management in Guangzhou, China. Environmental Management, 56(3), 777-790. Tang, S. Y., Li, P. H. Y. , Fryxell, G. E., & Lo, C. W. H.
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2014 Cultural Bases for Self-Evaluation: Seeing Oneself Positively in Different Cultural Contexts. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 40(5),657-675. Becker, M., Vignoles, V. L., Owe, E., Easterbrook, M. J., Brown, R., Smith, P. B., Bond, M. H. , & etc.
2014 Lunch breaks unpacked: The role of autonomy as a moderator of recovery during lunch. Academy of Management Journal, 57(2), 405-421. Trougakos, J. P., Hideg, I., Cheng, B. H. , & Beal, D. J.
2014 When Do Business Units Benefit More from Collective Citizenship Behavior of Management Teams? An Upper Echelons Perspective. Journal of Applied Psychology, 99(3), 523-534. Liu, W. , Gong, Y.P., & Liu, J.
2014 Contextual Changes and Environmental Policy Implementation: A Longitudinal Study of Street-Level Bureaucrats in Guangzhou, China. Journal Of Public Administration Research And Theory, 24, 1005-1035. Zhan, X. , Lo, C.W.H. & Tang, S.Y.