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Marketing Publications

Date Contents Authors
forthcoming The Sleepy Consumer and Variety-Seeking, Journal of Marketing Research. Zhongqiang (Tak) Huang, Yitian (Sky) Liang, Charles B. Weinberg and Gerald J. Gorn
forthcoming Does Endowing a Product with Life Make One Feel More Alive? The Effect of Product Anthropomorphism on Consumer Vitality, Journal of the Association for Consumer Research (JACR). Chen, Fangyuan, Jaideep Sengupta, and Rashmi Adaval
forthcoming When Intertemporal Rewards Are Hedonic, Larger Units of Wait Time Boost Patience, Journal of Consumer Psychology. Siddiqui, Rafay A., Ashwani Monga and Eva Buechel
forthcoming The Role of Sales Representatives in Cross-Cultural Business-to-Business Relationships. Industrial Marketing Management. GU F. F., WANG, J., & WANG, Danny T.
2018 Impact of perk expenditures and marketing expenditures on corporate performance in China: The moderating role of political connections, Journal of Business Research, 86, 83-95. Louis T.W. Cheng., Ricky Y.K. Chan. & T.Y. Leung.
2018 Tourist Shoppers’ Evaluation of Retail Service- A study of Cross-border vs. International Outshoppers. Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Researc, 42(3), 392-419 Sharma, P., Chen, I. S. N., & Luk, S. T. K.
2018 Contract Learning in the Aftermath of Exchange Disruptions: An Empirical Study of Renewing Interfirm Relationships. Industrial Marketing Management, 71(May), 215-226. Zhang, C., Bai, X., & Gu, F. F.
2018 The Impact of Death-Related Media Information on Consumer Value Orientation and Scope Sensitivity. Journal of Marketing Research, 55(3), 432-445. Zhongqiang (Tak) Huang, Xun (Irene) Huang, and Yuwei Jiang
2018 Architectural innovation and the emergence of a dominant design: The effects of strategic sourcing on performance, Research Policy, 47( 1), 326-341. Woo-Yong Park, Young K. Ro, Namwoon Kim
2017 Exploring the Role of Attitude Functions in Counterfeit Consumer Behavior. Psychology & Marketing, 34 (3), 294-308. SHARMA, P. & CHAN, R.Y.K.
2017 Social exclusion and consumer switching behavior: A control restoration mechanism. Journal of Consumer Research, 44(1), 99-117. Lei, S., Jiang, Y., Chen, Z., & DeWall, C. N.
2017 Bidirectional contrast effects between taste perception and simulation: A simulation-induced adaptation mechanism. Journal of Consumer Psychology. 27(1), 49-58 Si, K., & Jiang, Y.
2017 The Impact of Market Size on New Market Entry: A Contingency Approach. European Journal of Marketing, 51 (1), 2-22. Min, S., KIM, N., & Zhan, G.
2017 Time Window as a Self-Control Denominator: Shorter Windows Shift Preference toward Virtues and Longer Windows toward Vices. Journal of Consumer Research, 43(6), 932-949. Siddiqui, R. A., May, F., & Monga, A.
2016 Environmental Orientation of Exporting SMEs from an Emerging Economy: Its Antecedents and Consequences. Management International Review, 56(5), 597-632. Chan, R. Y. K., & Ma, K. H. Y.
2016 Does Your Company Have the Right Logo? How and Why Circular and Angular Logo Shapes Influence Brand Attribute Judgments. Journal of Consumer Research, 42(5), 709-726. Jiang, Y., Gorn, G. J., Galli, M. & Chattopadhyay, A.
2016 Money and relationships: When and why thinking about money leads people to approach others. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes. 137, 58-70. Teng, F., Chen, Z., Poon, K. T., Zhang, D., & Jiang, Y.
2016 Do-No-Harm versus Do-Good Social Responsibility: Attributional Thinking and the Liability of Foreignness. Strategic Management Journal, 37, 1316-1329. Crilly, D., Ni, N., & Jiang, Y.
2016 CMO Equity Incentive and Shareholder Value: Moderating Role of CMO Managerial Discretion, International Journal of Research in Marketing. 33(4), 725-738. KIM. M. C., BOYD. D. E, KIM, N., YI. Cheong H
2016 Attribution of Success and Failure in Intercultural Service Encounters: Moderating Role of Personal Cultural Orientations. Journal of Services Marketing, 30 (6), 643-658. TAM, J., SHARMA, P., & KIM, N.
2016 Strategic marketing capability: Mobilizing technological resources for new product advantage, Journal of Business Research. 69 (12), 5644-5652. KIM, N., Shin, S. & Min, S.
2016 Customer Acquisition and Retention Spending: An Analytical Model and Empirical Investigation in Wireless Telecommunications Markets. Journal of Marketing Research, 53(5), 728-744. Min, S., Zhang, X., KIM, N., & Srivastava, R. K.
2015 Why Do Firms Enter a New Product Market? A Two-Dimensional Framework for Market Entry Motivation and Behavior. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 32(2), 263-278. KIM, N., Min, S., & Chaiy, S.
2015 Relational Norms and Collaborative Activities in Relational Governance: Different Effects on Opportunism in Marketing Channels. Industrial Marketing Management, 46, 147-159. Zhou, Y., Zhang, X., Zhuang, G., & Zhou, N.
2014 Imagining Yourself in the Scene: The Interactive Effects of Goal-Driven Self-Imagery and Visual Perspectives on Consumer Behavior. Journal of Consumer Research, 41(3), 418-435. Jiang, Y., Adaval, R., Steinhart, Y. & Wyer, R.S.
2014 Power and Action Orientation: Power as a Catalyst for Consumer Switching Behavior. Journal of Consumer Research, 41(1), 183-196. Jiang, Y., Zhan, L. & Rucker, D.
2014 Impact of Money on Emotional Expression. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 55, 228-233. Jiang, Y., Chen, Z., & Wyer, R.S.
2014 It Feels Fluent, But Not Right: The Interactive Effect of Expected and Experienced Processing Fluency on Evaluative Judgment. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 54, 147-152. Jiang, Y., & Hong, J.
2014 Time Buying and Time Saving: Effects on Service Convenience and the Shopping Experience at the Mall. Journal of Services Marketing, 28(1), 36-49. Lloyd, A. E., Chan, R. Y. K., Yip, L. S. C. & Chan, A.
2014 Examining the Role of Attribution and Intercultural Competence in Intercultural Service Encounters. Journal of Services Marketing, 28(2), 159-170. Tam, J. L. M., Sharma, P. & KIM, N.
2014 Selling Vertically Differentiated Products under One Roof or Two? A Signaling Model of a Retailer’s Roof Policies. Journal of Retailing, 90, 538-551. Zhang, X., & Cao, Y.
2014 Increasing Price Transparency: Implications of Consumer Price Posting for Consumers' Haggling Behavior and a Seller's Pricing Strategies. Journal of Interactive Marketing, 28(1), 68-85. Research Publications Selected A* Papers OB/HRM Papers MIS Papers SM/PSM Papers Marketing Papers Research Seminars Consultancy Projects Related Websites On-Going Research Projects RGC GRF Projects Research Centres Zhang, X., & Jiang, B.