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Marketing Publications

Date Contents Authors
2019 The Sleepy Consumer and Variety-Seeking, Journal of Marketing Research, 56(2), 179-196 Zhongqiang (Tak) Huang, Yitian (Sky) Liang, Charles B. Weinberg and Gerald J. Gorn
2019 Room for Opportunity: Resource Scarcity Increases Attractiveness of Range Marketing Offers. Journal of Consumer Research, 46(1), 82-98. Fan, L., Li, X., & Jiang, Y.
2018 Does Endowing a Product with Life Make One Feel More Alive? The Effect of Product Anthropomorphism on Consumer Vitality, Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, 3(4), 503-513. Chen, Fangyuan, Jaideep Sengupta, and Rashmi Adaval
2018 When Intertemporal Rewards Are Hedonic, Larger Units of Wait Time Boost Patience,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 28(4), 612-628. Siddiqui, Rafay A., Ashwani Monga and Eva Buechel
2019 The Role of Sales Representatives in Cross-Cultural Business-to-Business Relationships. Industrial Marketing Management, 78, 227-238. GU F. F., WANG, J., & WANG, Danny T.
2018 Don’t Surprise Me: How Social Relationships Shape Consumers’ Attitudes toward Probabilistic Selling. Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, 3(3), 440-450. Fan, L. & Jiang, Y.
2018 Impact of perk expenditures and marketing expenditures on corporate performance in China: The moderating role of political connections, Journal of Business Research, 86, 83-95. Louis T.W. Cheng., Ricky Y.K. Chan. & T.Y. Leung.
2018 Tourist Shoppers’ Evaluation of Retail Service- A study of Cross-border vs. International Outshoppers. Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Researc, 42(3), 392-419 Sharma, P., Chen, I. S. N., & Luk, S. T. K.
2018 Contract Learning in the Aftermath of Exchange Disruptions: An Empirical Study of Renewing Interfirm Relationships. Industrial Marketing Management, 71(May), 215-226. Zhang, C., Bai, X., & Gu, F. F.
2018 The Impact of Death-Related Media Information on Consumer Value Orientation and Scope Sensitivity. Journal of Marketing Research, 55(3), 432-445. Zhongqiang (Tak) Huang, Xun (Irene) Huang, and Yuwei Jiang
2018 Architectural innovation and the emergence of a dominant design: The effects of strategic sourcing on performance, Research Policy, 47( 1), 326-341. Woo-Yong Park, Young K. Ro, Namwoon Kim
2017 Exploring the Role of Attitude Functions in Counterfeit Consumer Behavior. Psychology & Marketing, 34 (3), 294-308. SHARMA, P. & CHAN, R.Y.K.
2017 Social exclusion and consumer switching behavior: A control restoration mechanism. Journal of Consumer Research, 44(1), 99-117. Lei, S., Jiang, Y., Chen, Z., & DeWall, C. N.
2017 Bidirectional contrast effects between taste perception and simulation: A simulation-induced adaptation mechanism. Journal of Consumer Psychology. 27(1), 49-58 Si, K., & Jiang, Y.
2017 The Impact of Market Size on New Market Entry: A Contingency Approach. European Journal of Marketing, 51 (1), 2-22. Min, S., KIM, N., & Zhan, G.
2017 Time Window as a Self-Control Denominator: Shorter Windows Shift Preference toward Virtues and Longer Windows toward Vices. Journal of Consumer Research, 43(6), 932-949. Siddiqui, R. A., May, F., & Monga, A.
2016 Environmental Orientation of Exporting SMEs from an Emerging Economy: Its Antecedents and Consequences. Management International Review, 56(5), 597-632. Chan, R. Y. K., & Ma, K. H. Y.
2016 Does Your Company Have the Right Logo? How and Why Circular and Angular Logo Shapes Influence Brand Attribute Judgments. Journal of Consumer Research, 42(5), 709-726. Jiang, Y., Gorn, G. J., Galli, M. & Chattopadhyay, A.
2016 Money and relationships: When and why thinking about money leads people to approach others. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes. 137, 58-70. Teng, F., Chen, Z., Poon, K. T., Zhang, D., & Jiang, Y.
2016 Do-No-Harm versus Do-Good Social Responsibility: Attributional Thinking and the Liability of Foreignness. Strategic Management Journal, 37, 1316-1329. Crilly, D., Ni, N., & Jiang, Y.
2016 CMO Equity Incentive and Shareholder Value: Moderating Role of CMO Managerial Discretion, International Journal of Research in Marketing. 33(4), 725-738. KIM. M. C., BOYD. D. E, KIM, N., YI. Cheong H
2016 Attribution of Success and Failure in Intercultural Service Encounters: Moderating Role of Personal Cultural Orientations. Journal of Services Marketing, 30 (6), 643-658. TAM, J., SHARMA, P., & KIM, N.
2016 Strategic marketing capability: Mobilizing technological resources for new product advantage, Journal of Business Research. 69 (12), 5644-5652. KIM, N., Shin, S. & Min, S.
2016 Customer Acquisition and Retention Spending: An Analytical Model and Empirical Investigation in Wireless Telecommunications Markets. Journal of Marketing Research, 53(5), 728-744. Min, S., Zhang, X., KIM, N., & Srivastava, R. K.
2015 Why Do Firms Enter a New Product Market? A Two-Dimensional Framework for Market Entry Motivation and Behavior. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 32(2), 263-278. KIM, N., Min, S., & Chaiy, S.
2015 Relational Norms and Collaborative Activities in Relational Governance: Different Effects on Opportunism in Marketing Channels. Industrial Marketing Management, 46, 147-159. Zhou, Y., Zhang, X., Zhuang, G., & Zhou, N.
2014 Imagining Yourself in the Scene: The Interactive Effects of Goal-Driven Self-Imagery and Visual Perspectives on Consumer Behavior. Journal of Consumer Research, 41(3), 418-435. Jiang, Y., Adaval, R., Steinhart, Y. & Wyer, R.S.
2014 Power and Action Orientation: Power as a Catalyst for Consumer Switching Behavior. Journal of Consumer Research, 41(1), 183-196. Jiang, Y., Zhan, L. & Rucker, D.
2014 Impact of Money on Emotional Expression. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 55, 228-233. Jiang, Y., Chen, Z., & Wyer, R.S.
2014 It Feels Fluent, But Not Right: The Interactive Effect of Expected and Experienced Processing Fluency on Evaluative Judgment. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 54, 147-152. Jiang, Y., & Hong, J.
2014 Time Buying and Time Saving: Effects on Service Convenience and the Shopping Experience at the Mall. Journal of Services Marketing, 28(1), 36-49. Lloyd, A. E., Chan, R. Y. K., Yip, L. S. C. & Chan, A.
2014 Examining the Role of Attribution and Intercultural Competence in Intercultural Service Encounters. Journal of Services Marketing, 28(2), 159-170. Tam, J. L. M., Sharma, P. & KIM, N.
2014 Selling Vertically Differentiated Products under One Roof or Two? A Signaling Model of a Retailer’s Roof Policies. Journal of Retailing, 90, 538-551. Zhang, X., & Cao, Y.
2014 Increasing Price Transparency: Implications of Consumer Price Posting for Consumers' Haggling Behavior and a Seller's Pricing Strategies. Journal of Interactive Marketing, 28(1), 68-85. Research Publications Selected A* Papers OB/HRM Papers MIS Papers SM/PSM Papers Marketing Papers Research Seminars Consultancy Projects Related Websites On-Going Research Projects RGC GRF Projects Research Centres Zhang, X., & Jiang, B.