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Research Seminars

Date Presenter Title Area
2019-02-08 Prof. Mats Alvesson

(Lund University )
Doing interesting research. The stupidity based theory of organizations as an example Management
2019-01-08 Dr Yufeng Huang

(University of Rochester )
The Value of Compatibility to a Tied-good Market Marketing
2019-01-04 Prof. Jason Bennett Thatcher

(University of Alabama)
Another Path to IS Discontinuation: Proposing Shocks and Dissatisfaction to Explain Quitting and Switching MIS
2018-12-11 Prof. Derek D. Rucker

(Northwestern University)
Emotionality in Language: Measurement, Theory Development, and Findings Marketing
2018-11-28 Dr Long Wang

(City University of Hong Kong)
Too Much of A “Gift”: High Compensation and Unethical Reciprocity Management
2018-11-26 Mr Plamen Akaliyski

(University of Oslo)
Is globalization making us more similar? Answers from Europe and around the globe Management
2018-11-14 Dr Matthew Osborne

(University of Toronto Mississauga)
Obesity and Self-Control: Evidence from Food Purchase Data Marketing
2018-10-18 Prof. Michael Harris Bond

(The Hond Kong Polytechnic University)
Going cross-cultural in studying business practice: Why bother and how best to engage? Management
2018-09-18 Prof. J Leon Zhao

(City University of Hong Kong )
Data-centric research in IS: lessons from several recent publications MIS
2018-09-11 Dr Juliana Fernandes

(University of Miami)
Beauty And Negativity At The Ballot Box: Effects Of Negative Political Advertising And Attractiveness On Candidate Evaluation Marketing
2018-09-07 Prof. Thomas Kramer

(University of California)
The Oreo Effect: Ritualistic Behavior Decreases Loneliness by Making Life More Meaningful Marketing
Date Presenter Title Area
2018-08-28 Prof. Hsing Kenneth CHENG

(University of Florida)
The Debate on Net Neutrality: A Policy Perspective MIS
2018-08-24 Dr Vincent MAK

(University of Cambridge)
Adopting Cost Transparency as a Marketing Strategy: Analytical and Experimental Exploration Marketing
2018-08-15 Prof. Hsing Kenneth CHENG

(University of Florida)
Manipulation for Competition:Pricing Models in the Presence of Promotional Reviews MIS
2018-07-31 Dr J.J. Po-An HSIEH

(Georgia State University)
GRF Grant Application Experience Sharing MIS
2018-07-24 Dr Yi ZHAO

(Georgia State University)
Modeling Mean-Deviation-And-Heuristic-Based Expectation: An Application to Consumer Level Progression in Online Gaming Marketing
2018-07-17 Dr Wenbo WANG

(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Extracting and Utilizing In-Consumption Moment-to-Moment Dynamics: The Case of Movie Appreciation and Live Comments Marketing
2018-06-22 Prof. Yulin FANG

(City University of Hong Kong)
System Dynamics Modeling for Information Systems Research –Theory Development and Practical Application MIS
2018-06-11 Prof. Michael Harris BOND Going cross-cultural in studying business practice: Why bother and how best to engage? Management
2018-06-05 Dr Amy Y. OU

(NUS business school)
humble path to the top: How humility helps leaders succeed in their career Management
2018-06-04 Dr You Jin(YJ) KIM

(Temple University)
From Me to You and Back to Me: A Dyadic Model of Motives, Pride, Gratitude, and Helping Management
2018-05-24 Prof. Hsing Kenneth CHENG

(University of Florida)
Do You Want to Bet? New Service Operations Business Models Leveraging Consumers’ Present-Biased Preferences MIS
2018-05-23 Prof. C. Nathan DEWALL

(University of Kentucky)
The Pain of Rejection: Breaking and Restoring Social Bonds Management
2018-05-15 Dr Jing Alison XU

(University of Minnesota)
Thematic Product Assortment Displays Enhance Appreciation of Creativity in the Marketplace: The Spillover Effect of a Relational Processing Mind-Set Marketing
2018-05-14 Prof. K. H. Duncan FONG

(Penn State Smeal College of Business)
Tools for Marketing Research: Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning Marketing
2018-04-25 Dr C. Dora LAU

(Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Felt Trust at Work: A Multi-Theoretical and Multi-Referent Examination Management
2018-04-17 Dr Kyoung Yong KIM

(City University of Hong Kong)
Organizational Support and Organizational Performance: Contributions of High-Performance Work Practices, Resource Scarcity, and CEO Leadership Management
2018-04-11 Prof. Chi-Nien CHUNG

(National University of Singapore Business School)
Resource Access or Status Identity: Marriage Ties among Large Family Business Groups in an Emerging Economy Management
2018-04-06 Dr Amy DALTON

(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Keepin’ it Cool: The Behavioral Effects of Wearing Sunglasses Marketing
2018-03-23 Prof. Jeffrey INMAN

(University of Pittsburgh)
Emotional Gist: How Smartphone Use Changes User-Generated Content Marketing
2018-03-21 Dr T. Joey CHENG

(University of Illinois)
Competition for Social Rank: Strategies, Signaling, and Consequences Management
2018-03-16 Dr I. Claire TSAI

(University of Toronto)
The Thought Counts: Effect of Surprise on Consumption Enjoyment Over Time Marketing
2018-03-09 Dr Leonard LEE

(National University of Singapore)
Price Promotions and Consumption Experience Marketing
2018-03-07 Dr Helen ZHAO

(University of Hong Kong)
Superstar Jinx? Gaining and Losing Status in Organizations Management
2018-03-02 Dr Frank MAY

(Virginia Tech)
So Far, So Long: Frame of Delay Moderates the Effect of Delayed Rewards on Patience Marketing
2018-02-26 Prof. Peter BAMBERGER

(Cornell University)
Pay Secrecy, Signaling and Employee Turnover at the Individual and Firm Levels: The Moderating Role of Distributive Justice Climate Management
2018-02-08 Dr Jing (Alice) WANG

(University of Iowa)
The Effects of Social Relationships on Narrative Persuasion Marketing
2018-01-31 Dr Ning LI

(University of Iowa)
Embracing the Digital Workplace: Exploring the Effects of Employee Online Collaboration Patterns on Individual Outcomes Management
2018-01-25 Prof. Sabine SONNENTAG

(University of Mannheim)
Conducting daily-survey studies Management
2018-01-23 Prof. Sabine SONNENTAG

(University of Mannheim)
Staying well and engaged at work: Leisure-time detachment from work and morning reattachment to work matter Management
2018-01-17 Dr Kenneth TAI

(Singapore Management University)
Helping as Status Relations: The Role of Envy, Relative Performance Standing and Internal Locus of Control in Influencing the Effects of Receiving Help on Giving help Management
2018-01-02 Prof. Rajesh BAGCHI

(Virginia Tech)
Systematic Biases in Evaluations of Multiple Percentage Price Discounts or Surcharges: When 18% Change Followed by 12% is More than 12% Followed by 18% Marketing
2018-01-02 Prof. Jason THATCHER

(Clemson University)
Preventing spear-phishing victimization through concrete and abstract fear appeal construals: An online field experiment grounded in construal-level theory and protection0motivation theory MIS
2017-12-29 Dr Yajin WANG

(University of Maryland)
The Journey That Makes Us: The Impact of Residential Mobility on Intrinsic Motivation Marketing
2017-12-19 Prof. Jane LU

(China Europe International Business School)
State, Family and Profession: The Adoption of Old-age Insurance Practice in Chinese Private-owned Enterprises Management
2017-12-06 Prof. Aichia Chuang

(National Taiwan University)
Existential Crises and Work Tailoring among Entrepreneurs for Meaning Management
2017-11-29 Prof. Mark Bolino

(University of Oklahoma)
Negative Beliefs About Accepting Coworker Help and Other Explorations of the “Dark Side” of Organizational Citizenship Behavior Management
2017-11-27 Dr Jiyang Dong

(The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
Deviate or not, it’s a Matter of Experience:
Organizational Adaptation to a Dynamic Institutional Pressure
2017-11-23 Dr Dai Yao

(National University of Singapore Business School)
Demand Estimation with Non-Constant Stochastic Variance: Theory and Empirical Evidence Marketing
2017-11-22 Dr Marko Pitesa

(Singapore Management University)
Workplace Micro-foundations of Attractiveness Advantage Management
2017-11-17 Dr Szu-chi Huang

(Stanford University)
When, Why, and How Social Information Avoidance Costs You in Goal Pursuit Marketing
2017-11-08 Dr Eric Luis Uhlmann

(INSEAD Business School, Singapore)
Crowdsourcing Science Management
2017-11-08 Prof. Ana Valenzuela

(City University of New York)
Good Vibrations: Consumer Responses to Technology-Mediated Haptic Feedback Marketing
2017-10-25 Dr Robert Demir

(Lancaster University Management School)
Predicting Expatriate Managers’ Ability to Forecast Sales: The Role of Experience, Cognition, and Network Learning Management
Date Presenter Title Area
2017-07-27 Dr Zhu Meng

(Johns Hopkins Carey Business School)
The Motivational Consequences of Resource Constraints Marketing
2017-07-27 Dr Ni Jian

(Johns Hopkins Carey Business School)
A Dynamic Game of Doctors’ Participation in Online Platform Marketing
2017-07-25 Prof. Pankaj Aggarwal

(University of Toronto)
Facing Dominance: Anthropomorphism and the Effect of Product Face Ratio on Consumer Preference Marketing
2017-07-17 Dr Minki KIM

(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
Mapping Consumers’ Context-Dependent Consumption Preferences: A Multidimensional Unfolding Approach Marketing
2017-07-06 Prof. Sandy Jap

(Emory University)
The Case for Franchise Encroachment Marketing
2017-06-26 Dr Yunchuan LIU

(University of Illinois)
Return Policies in Distribution Channels Marketing
2017-06-22 Prof. Wynne W. Chin

(University of Houston)
On Partial Least Squares Variance Based Component SEM (VBSEM) vs. Covariance Based SEM (CBSEM) for Confirmatory Analysis: The Role of Weights, Components and Variance Explained MIS
2017-06-19 Prof. Arun RAI

(Georgia State University)
Avoiding Type III Errors: Formulating IS Research Problems that Matter MIS
2017-06-09 Prof. Robert W. Palmatier

(University of Washington)
Creating and Appropriating Alliance Value through Customer-Centric Structures Marketing
2017-05-31 Dr Tiziana Casciaro

(University of Toronto)
Why Connect? Moral Consequences Of Networking Motives Management
2017-05-25 Prof. Charles Ingene

(University of Oklahoma)
An Empirical Investigation of Tradeoffs Between Medical Adherence and Healthful Self-management Marketing
2017-05-22 Prof. Andrew Ching

(University of Toronto)
How Much Do Consumers Know About the Quality of Products? Evidence from the Diaper Market Marketing
2017-05-19 Prof. Carrie Leana

(University of Pittsburgh)
The price of financial precarity: Organizational costs of employees’ financial concerns Management
2017-05-09 Prof. Juliano Laran
(Miami University)
The Effect of Busyness on Motivation Marketing
2017-05-02 Dr Nicole Mead

(University of Melbourne)
Improving Self-Control Marketing
2017-04-24 Prof. Eric (Er) Fang

(University of Illinois)
Marketing Strategy Research in Digital and Data-Rich Environment (Group Marketing Dynamics) Marketing
2017-03-24 Prof. Mathew HAYWARD

(Monash Business School)
A Premium for Informal Transactions?
Employer employee loan choices in entrepreneurial firms
2017-03-16 Prof. Frank Schweitzer

(Chair of Systems Design, ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
The rise and fall of firm collaborations - Insights from a large-scale analysis of R&D networks Management
2017-03-16 Prof. Alokparna (Sonia) Basu Monga

(Rutgers Business School)
When do Political Ideologies Affect Brand Extension Evaluation? The Role of Analytic versus Holistic Mindsets Marketing
2017-03-16 Prof. Ashwani Monga

(Rutgers Business School)
Eliciting Time versus Money in Time-Money tradeoffs: Asymmetric Consideration of Time Scarcity Leads to Asymmetry in Consumer Wage Rates Marketing
2017-03-13 Dr Yu Zhang

(China Europe International Business School)
Late-Stage Private Equity Investment as a Non-Market Strategy: Evidence from Chinese pre-IPO Firms Management
2017-03-10 Dr Yajin Wang

(University of Maryland)
How luxury consumption influences Prosocial Behavior Marketing
2017-03-06 Prof. Peter Bamberger

(Tel Aviv University)
Addressing the “Too Much Theory” Problem in Management and Organizational Research: Abductive Reasoning and the Role of Academy of Management Discoveries Management
2017-03-01 Dr Brent McFerran

(Simon Fraser University)
(I’m) Happy to Help (You): The Impact of Personal Pronoun Use in Customer-Firm Interactions Marketing
2017-02-16 Dr Janghyuk Lee

(Korea University Business School)
Desirability Bias and its Impact on Lottery Ticket Sales Marketing
2017-01-20 Prof. Herman Aguinis

(University of Toronto)
How to Turn Half-baked Ideas into High-impact Empirical Studies Management
2017-01-16 Mr Bo Wen

(University of Southern California)
Reforming Civil Service When Employees are Unhappy A Longitudinal Study of Job Satisfaction of Environmental Enforcement Officials in Guangzhou, China Management
2017-01-09 Prof. Dr. Nick Lin-Hi

(University of Vechta, Germany)
Exploring the effects of internal CSR on work attitudes and behaviors of Chinese blue-collar workers Management
2016-12-05 Prof. Charles Weinberg

(University of British Columbia)
The Value of Usage-Based Insurance beyond Better Targeting: Better Driving Marketing
2016-11-30 Prof. Carolyn Yoon

(University of Michigan)
Neuroforecasting Crowdfunding Outcomes Marketing
2016-11-18 Mr Jinghui QIAN

(University of Toronto)
The Effect of Charitable Giving on Corporate Image Building and Market Entry: The Case of Walmart Marketing
Date Presenter Title Area
2016-08-25 Dr Luxi Shen

(The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
The Fun and Function of Uncertainty Marketing
2016-07-25 Prof Miriam Erez

(Technion ‐ Israel Institute of Technology, Israel)
The Influence of the Global Leader’s Identity on Multicultural Team Innovation Management
2016-07-12 Prof Cynthia Lee

(Northeastern University, USA)
Not Even the Past: The Joint Influence Of Former Leader and New Leader During Leader Succession in the Midst of Organizational Change Management
2016-07-12 Prof Jing Zhou

(Rice University, USA)
Feeling Inspired, Being Creative: Inspiration As a Mechanism to Fuel Employee Creativity Management
2016-06-21 Dr Meng Zhu

(Johns Hopkins University, USA)
Scarcity and Preference within a Choice Set Marketing
2016-06-21 Dr Jian Ni

(Johns Hopkins University, USA)
Is This Just about Now? Incentives in the Online Crowdsourcing Market Marketing
2016-06-01 Prof Andrea Morales

(Arizona State University (USA)
Social Bonding without Liking or Desire for Affiliation: How Disgust Can Build Unique Social Connections Marketing
2016-05-12 Dr Yan Zhang

(National University of Singapore)
Feeling Powerful Increases Altruistic Marketing
2016-04-25 Dr Lopo Rego

(Indiana University, Bloomington, USA)
Does “Firing” Customers Pay Off? A Signaling Perspective on Customer Divestment and Shareholder Value Marketing
2016-04-11 Prof. Michael Harris Bond

(The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
Getting at Culture in Studies of Organizational Behavior: The Case of Relative Work Centrality Management
2016-03-22 Prof. Carolyn Egri

(Simon Fraser University, Canada)
The Values Orientation of China’s Millennial Generation: A Longitudinal Study of Chinese Generation Cohorts Management
2016-03-21 Prof. Neal Ashkanasy

(UQ Business School, University of Queensland)
Publishing for Impact Management
2016-03-14 Prof. Neal Ashkanasy

(UQ Business School, University of Queensland)
Managing Emotions in the Workplace: An Essential Challenge for Managers Management
2016-02-29 Mr Ken Ward Can a Student Run Business Capstone Course Generate Relevant Forces That Last a Life Time–You Bet it Can Management
2016-02-15 Prof. Peter Bamberger

(Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration, Tel Aviv University)
Help – This is Stressful! Help Seeking, Helping and Stressor-Strain Relations Management
2015-11-09 Dr Vivian Guo CEO Proactivity and Firm Innovation: Exploring the CEO-TMT Interactions Management
2015-11-02 Prof. Scott Sonenshein

(Rice University, USA)
Competition of a Different Flavor: How a Collective Competitor Identity Fosters Cooperative and Competitive Behaviors Management
2015-10-07 Prof. Aparna Joshi

(Pennysylvania State University, USA)
Emergent and Structural Perspectives on Gender Inequality Management
2015-09-24 Dr Fangyuan Chen

(Peking University)
Motivated product anthropomorphism: Effects on product perceptions and consumer states Marketing