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Research Seminars

Date Presenter Title Area
2019-08-08 Dr Hailiang Chen

(The University of Hong Kong)
Fake News, Investor Attention, and Market Reaction Management Information Systems
2019-07-26 Dr Xiaoyan Deng

(Ohio State University)
Shhh… Don’t Tell: Divergent Effects of Secrecy on Enjoyment Marketing
2019-07-02 Prof. Arun Rai

(Georgia State University)
How Will the AI Genie Behave Management Information Systems
2019-06-28 Dr Vijaya Venkataramani

(University of Maryland)
Whom Should I Delegate to? Employee Social Networks as Prisms to Make Delegation Decisions Management
2019-06-27 Prof. Subra Tangiralabr

(University of Maryland)
How Voice Helps Teams Cope with Change: Differential Effects of Promotiveand Prohibitive Voice Management
2019-06-27 Dr Yi-Jen (Ian) Ho

(The Pennsylvania State University)
Fun Shopping – A Randomized Field Experiment on Gamification Management Information Systems
2019-06-25 Prof. Han Zhang

(Georgia Institute of Technology)
Anchoring or Swaying? The Impact of Overall Average Rating vs. Most Accessible Reviews in Online Word-of-Mouth Management Information Systems
2019-05-28 Dr Spike W. S. Lee

(University of Toronto)
Grounded Procedures Theory: The Case of Cleansing as a Procedure of Separation Marketing
2019-05-15 Dr E. Geoffrey Love

(University of Illinois)
How Do I Get on that List: Theory and Evidence on Relationship'sInfluence on CEO Rankings Management
2019-05-08 Prof. Richard Whittington

(University of Oxford)
Changing Strategy: the Recursive Work of Practice Change in a Permeable Profession Management
2019-05-07 Dr Keisha Cutright

(Duke University)
Divine Contentment: How God Salience Affects the Desire for Self-Improvement Products Marketing
2019-04-18 Dr HillolBala

(Indiana University)
It Takes Two to Tango: The Effects of Internal and External Information Integration on Healthcare Process and Outcomes Management Information Systems
2019-04-15 Prof. Ying Zhang

(GuanghuaSchool of Management)
Consumer Identify Conflict and Risk Preference Marketing
2019-04-11 Dr MihokoSakurai

(International University of Japan)
Panasonic’s smart city initiative Management Information Systems
2019-04-10 Dr Margaret Ormiston

(George Washington University School of Business)
Ask me anything: The influence of gender bias on journalist questions of CEOs and subsequent CEO responses Management
2019-04-02 Prof. Jacob Goldenberg

(Arison School of Business, Interdisciplinary Center (IDC))
Speed, Status Faces and Names Marketing
2019-04-01 Prof. Kapil Tuli

(Singapore Management University)
The Effects of the Disclosure of Advertising Spending on Investors’ and Analysts’ Uncertainty Marketing
2019-03-28 Dr Xi Li

(City University of Hong Kong)
Transparency of Behavior-Based Pricing Marketing
2019-03-20 Dr Donal Crilly

(London Business School)
In Dubious Battle:Issue Salience, Polarization,and Corporate Social Counterpositioning Marketing
2019-03-19 Prof. Nancy Wong

(University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Yearning to be Fair: Skin Tone and the Pursuit of Status Marketing
2019-03-14 Prof. Sea-Jin Chang

(National University of Singapore)
Employee Approval and CEO Turnover Management
2019-02-20 Dr Maryam Kouchaki

(Kellogg School of Management)
Morality at Work: Understanding the Persistence of Unethical Behavior in Organizations Management
2019-02-08 Prof. Mats Alvesson

(Lund University)
Doing interesting research. The stupidity based theory of organizations as an example Management
2019-01-08 Dr Yufeng Huang

(University of Rochester )
The Value of Compatibility to a Tied-good Market Marketing
2019-01-04 Prof. Jason Bennett Thatcher

(University of Alabama)
Another Path to IS Discontinuation: Proposing Shocks and Dissatisfaction to Explain Quitting and Switching Management Information Systems
2018-12-11 Prof. Derek D. Rucker

(Northwestern University)
Emotionality in Language: Measurement, Theory Development, and Findings Marketing
2018-11-28 Dr Long Wang

(City University of Hong Kong)
Too Much of A “Gift”: High Compensation and Unethical Reciprocity Management
2018-11-26 Mr Plamen Akaliyski

(University of Oslo)
Is globalization making us more similar? Answers from Europe and around the globe Management
2018-11-14 Dr Matthew Osborne

(University of Toronto Mississauga)
Obesity and Self-Control: Evidence from Food Purchase Data Marketing
2018-10-18 Prof. Michael Harris Bond

(The Hond Kong Polytechnic University)
Going cross-cultural in studying business practice: Why bother and how best to engage? Management
2018-09-18 Prof. J Leon Zhao

(City University of Hong Kong )
Data-centric research in IS: lessons from several recent publications Management Information Systems
2018-09-11 Dr Juliana Fernandes

(University of Miami)
Beauty And Negativity At The Ballot Box: Effects Of Negative Political Advertising And Attractiveness On Candidate Evaluation Marketing
2018-09-07 Prof. Thomas Kramer

(University of California)
The Oreo Effect: Ritualistic Behavior Decreases Loneliness by Making Life More Meaningful Marketing
Date Presenter Title Area
2019-09-13 Prof Yanjun GUAN Managing boundary careers: Past research and future directions Management
2019-09-23 Dr Vivian GUO Going off script: The level of spontaneity of executive talks and divergence of investors’ opinions Management
2019-10-14 Prof Andrew Tat Tin CHING A heuristic approach to explore: the value of perfect information Marketing
2020-07-29 Prof Hsing Kenneth CHENG Impact of Own Brand Product Introduction on Optimal Pricing Models for Platform and Incumbent Sellers Management Information Systems
Date Presenter Title Area
2020-10-14 Dr Sam Kai Chi YAM How do employees, customers, and patients perceive and interact with robots and machines? Management
2020-10-21 Dr David H. ZHU The Happiness Advantage: How CEO Job Satisfaction Influences Ambidexterity Management
2020-11-18 Dr Allison (Allie) GABRIEL Feeling Positive, Negative, or Both? Examining the Self-Regulatory Benefits of Emotional Ambivalence Management
2020-12-02 Prof Leigh Anne LIU The Language of Benevolence: Value Transformation and Liability of Foreignness in Chinese MNCs Management
2020-12-09 Dr Letian ZHANG Shaking Things Up: Unintended Consequences of Firm Acquisitions on Racial and Gender Inequality Management
2020-12-16 Prof Aparna JOSHI Is Manliness an Advantage? The Effects of Male Ceo Masculinity on Ceo Pay and Firm Performance Management
2021-01-13 Prof Xitong GUO Empowering Patients Using Smart Mobile Health Platforms: Evidence from A Randomized Field Experiment Management Information Systems
2021-01-27 Prof Rodolphe DURAND Do natural disasters influence firms' environmental performance? Management
2021-02-03 Prof Blake ASHFORTH Role-based Identity Foils in Organizational Life Management
2021-03-03 Dr Kristin SMITH-CROWE Which Way the Wind Blows: Differing Effects of Emotional Ambivalence on Morality Management
2021-03-03 Prof Sam MIN Franchisee Termination: Meaning, Performance, and Contingencies Marketing
2021-03-11 Dr Peggy LIU Frequency versus Intensity: How Thinking of a Frequent Consumption Indulgence as Social versus Solitary Affects Preferences for How to Cut Back Marketing
2021-03-17 Dr Shijie LU Do Larger Audiences Generate Greater Revenues under Pay What You Want? Evidence from a Live Streaming Platform Marketing
2021-03-24 Prof Gerry MCNAMARA Avoiding a Shark Attack: Examining Actions Firms Can Take to Avert the Threat of Activist Investors Management
2021-03-24 Dr Chenxi LIAO Scalpers: When “How Many” is the Question Marketing
2021-03-31 Dr Yanping TU Product Improvement Decisions in the C2C Context: When Product Providers Prioritize Fixing Weaknesses More Than Choosers Would Appreciate Marketing
2021-04-08 Dr Kelly HEWETT Let’s E-Converse: How Firms Can Steer Social Media Conversations Marketing
2021-04-21 Prof. Subra TANGIRALA No Problems in My Organization! How Trustworthiness of Leaders Inhibits Employee Voice under Ambiguous Threats Management
2021-04-28 Dr Sarah MOORE How Bundling Two Material Goods Makes an Experience: The Role of Usage Contextualization Marketing
2021-05-05 Dr Huazhong ZHAO Socialize More, Pay Less: Randomized Field Experiments on Social Pricing Marketing
2021-05-10 Dr Jia GAI Diversity Signaling to Algorithmic versus Human Recommenders Marketing
2021-05-17 Dr Yonghua JI For Better or For Worse: Impacts of IoT Technology in e-Commerce Channel Management Information Systems
2021-05-20 Dr Zoey CHEN TMI: How and Why Intimate Self-Disclosure Affects the Persuasiveness of Consumer Online Word of Mouth Marketing